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180 safety grab with Rory Silva

By FREEZE Magazine

Posted Monday December 01, 2003

"Make sure you've already cleared the jump once that day so you don't stack it. Also, make sure you don't get too excited, because you'll spin 90 or 270 and break your head." - Rory

1. You'll be going off flat, so don't set any kind of edge. All your spin is going to come from your hips.

2. Begin your spin instantly so you can get all the way around. Start to set the grab to your side, which will actually be facing downhill now that you're beginning to rotate. The grab sets the 180.

3. Grab! If you freak out doing a 180, you can hopefully flutter your way back to normal. But don't! With your head remaining still, look at your landing and keep your body spinning.

5. Put your weight on the balls of your feet as you land. If your weight is on your toes, you'll put your hands down. If you're on your heels too far, you'll slap your back.

6. Pretty much any grab is doable once you learn the safety. Just look around the ski and grab different places.

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