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K2's Black Hawk One

Description: The first manufacturer to introduce a fully integrated patent pending helmet and goggle system. Designed in cooperation with the world's leading industrial design team at BMW Designworks USA, K2 has successfully combined a state-of-the-art helmet with proprietary goggle technology gained through the new acquisition of V2 Optics. The result: The Black Hawk One.

Features: TMI Construction, Integrated Helmet Goggle System, Active Channel Venting, TPR Interface, MX Portal for Visor, Removable Head and Ear Liners, Plush Helmet Bag

Construction: Combination ABS, PC, TPR with EPS, Integrated Helmet-Goggle System sold with The ONE Integrated goggle system

Available Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Available Colors: Black, Red, Green, White

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