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Heavenly Ski Resort - Lake Tahoe

The Bottom Line

If you want to have fun this is the mountian for you. It truly is one big party on and off the slopes. Fly into Reno and drive up or road trip it from Northern California. If you need intense nghtlife that comes with doubling down on 11 then Heavenly is the mountian for you.

  • Mott Canyon after a huge storm
  • The New Town Gondola and Village
  • South Lake Tahoe Nightlife
  • Crowds can ruin your day in a hurry
  • Traversing form one side of the mountian to the other
  • "Drunkos" on Gunbarrel at the end of the day


  • The base of the dipper express should be avoided whenever possible because it gets crowded.
  • Find the trees days after storms and the snow is still right for turning
  • Look for the gates to get into Mott Canyon and find yourself looking down into a nice abyss
  • The sky express can get crowded but you wil find the longest runs from their
  • Try to sleep at least an hour after you leave the casinos

Guide Review - Heavenly Ski Resort - Lake Tahoe

Late in the day you can sit at the bar at the base of the California side (Did I mention that the 4800 acres straddle both California and Nevada?) and watch the mayhem that often occurs as throngs of people try to ski under the lift on a bumped out run that can cause some huge knee discomfort. It can get rowdy and people do end up having a great time.

The lift system at Heavenly is extensive but does fail in getting you from California to Nevada, because of that there is a long traverse that can sometime cause some grief. Itís a great mountain and there is plenty for everybody. They can make a ton of snow and they are very good at pushing it around and grooming the runs to make your experience better.

The Casinos at the bottom of the hill help the nightlife and you can find some good lodging deals at the numerous small, independent hotels and motels.

The intermediate slopes here can give you long endless runs with great views of the Lake and the steeps can give you heart palpitations.

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