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Salomon Xwave 10.0

If powder is your playground then you need the boots that can keep you satisfied all day long - rely on the high performance best selling XWave 10.0 to push your technically strong, aggressive style to the edge. Based on our racing knowledge.


Advanced Chassis Technology (ACT):

Optimisation of the lower part of the shell : Unique internal profile, thickness & material to increase transmission & sensitivity ; Elevated foot position for better leverage & maximum edge angle.

Shell Features: Unibody Chassis
One piece shell for maximum power, full transmission & total efficiency.

Bimaterial cuff & Lateral insert PU
Bimaterial : A reinforced rear/lateral insert allows the use of a softer front cuff for improved leg envelopment & progressive flex. Lateral insert : A rigid cuff insert that improves lateral transmission

Bimaterial shell PU

PU : Polyurethane, material with regular density that facilitates progress on snow without effort. Brilliance, durability, dynamic & abrasion resistance.

A rigid carbon arm forming a direct link between the top of the cuff and lower shell for rigid rear support without altering the natural flex

Interchangeable DIN/ISO sole pads (back)
Heel & toe pads can be replaced when they are worn out.

SALOMON medium last
80% of the consumers that enter in a shop fit perfectly in a Salomon boot

A soft material over the instep for improved envelopment and easier step-in.

Liner: CustomFit Pro liner
The first liner with CustomFit + Custom transmit by combining CustomFit Foam with a custom transmission insert : more personalisation & more transmission

Footboard: Absorbing Custom sole
A shock absorbing sole made with a special material that absorbs shocks when landing after jumps.

PU footboard

Closure: 1st tooth catch

4 Micro Alu machined & forged buckles

Lowerleg buckle teeth adjustment

Standard 3D buckle

Wide strap 360

Adjustements: Double Canting

Adjustable rear spoiler

Canting lock (flex adjustment)

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