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The North American Ski Training Center at Squaw Valley

Join The North American Ski Training Center at Squaw Valley March 8-10 for one of their trademark “All Conditions All Terrain” ski clinics.

Don’t miss these final dates with the North American Ski Training Center at Squaw. NASTC’s well-tested and finely-tuned methods will bring your skills up a notch in the powder, bumps, corn, steeps, crud, trees or whatever the mountains offers you. You will be skiing a full level better after 3 days with NASTC’s top pros, all members of the prestigious PSIA National or Regional Demonstration Teams.

NASTC has been offering all mountain free skiing courses for intermediate, advanced, and expert skiers since 1994 and now runs their programs at 18 resorts around Tahoe, the country and the world.

You will ski all day in groups of 6 or fewer with the same trainer for 6 hours, breaking only for lunch.

Then you will enjoy afternoon indoor discussions and tech talks and a delicious dinner with your group at one of Tahoe’s finest restaurants. NASTC uses video critique technology, one-on-one coaching, available demo skis, and cutting edge ski teaching theory to bring your skills up rapidly.  

If you can’t make the NASTC course at Squaw consider one of their other spring or summer skiing offers:
March 6-7 Kirkwood, CA All Conditions/All Terrain (AC/AT) (Levels 6-9) $675

March 8-10 Squaw Valley Off-Piste Adventure Skiing (Levels 6-9) $998

March 12-13 Tahoe, CA Intro to Backcountry Skiing Skills (Levels 7-9) $399

March 15-17 Tioga Pass Resort, CA Overnight Ski Mountaineering Adventure (Levels 7-9)$965

March 24-26 Alpine Meadows, Sugar Bowl, Tahoe Backcountry Tahoe Mixer (Levels 7-9)$961

April 3-10 Alyeska, AK Free-skiing Imporvement & Heliskiing Adventure (L 7-9) $4215

April 15-17 Sierra East Side Sierra Ski Classics Backcountry Adventure (Levels 7-9) $675

May 21-22 Bay Area, CA Spring Skate to Ski Dryland Training (Levels 1-9) $399

June 3-5 Mt. Shasta, CA Climb and Ski (Levels 7-9) $675

August 12-22 Portillo, Chile Summer Dream Skiing (Levels 6-9) $4595

October8-10 Tahoe, CA Fall Skate to Ski Dryland Training (Levels 1-9) $599

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