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Top 10 Snow boots/shoes under $100

Snow boots/shoes under $100

1) Sorel Men's Caribou Snow Boot

Outdoor enthusiasts who buy the Caribou generally keep it forever--or at least until the felt liner wears thin.

2) Sorel Men's Makinak Snow Boot

Cut from classic nubuck leather with a convenient pull-on design, the waterproof and highly durable Sorel Mackinak could be the last snow boot you'll ever need to buy.

3) The North Face Men's Chilkats Snow Boot

Rated to keep your feet warm in temperatures as low as -25F , The North Face Chilkats boot is a warm solution for work and play in frigid conditions.

4) Sorel Men's Conquest Snow Boot

Whether you work or play in the mountains, the Sorel Conquest snow boot offers some of the best winter comfort and protection found on any range.


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6) L.L.Bean LL Bean: Men's Hook-And-Loop Snow Walker

Snow Walkers Keep walking all winter long with our redesigned Snow Walkers.

7) Salomon Snow Pass Boot - Men's

The Salomon Snow Pass winter boot is your best friend if you live in Alaska, the Wasatch, or Northern Minnesota.

8) L.L.Bean LL Bean: Women's Snow Moc

Snow Mocs, Women's These warm, comfortable shoes have the weather protection you need all winter long.

9) Men's Irish Setter 3862 Snow Tracker Pacs 1000

Built like a brick, Irish Setters 386-squared Snow Shoe Tracker Pacs 1000 keep your feet warm and dry even in the most difficult conditions.

10) Men's Irish Setter 3864 Snow Tracker Pacs 1000

Trudging through the snow is no fun when your feet are cold and wet. With Irish Setters 3864 Snow Shoe Tracker Pacs 1000 your problems are solved.

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