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Whistler / Blackcomb: What a big mountain looks like

If you have considered Whistler/Blackcomb but never finalized the decision you have shortchanged yourself. The mountain is huge at 8,171 skiable acres and a 5280 vertical. You might cry when you see it and then you will weep when you have to leave.
  • The size of the mountain and the variety
  • Blackcomb Glacier
  • The VIllage
  • Skied out base areas with toasted legs
  • Calendars that makes us go back to work
  • Rain can dampen the lower mountain


  • 2 Mountains 33 lifts, 8171 acres, 5180 vertical, 200+ trails. Why are you still reading this?
  • 30 feet of snow annually
  • Peak Chair on Whistler for steep, bumped, bowl skiing and Couloir extreme on Blackcomb for fear
  • Cruisers off of Solar coaster and excelerator on Blackcomb
  • Harmony Express lift on Whistler gets you the trees, the bumps the groomed all in one
  • Whistler Kids provides excellent instruction and a ton of fun for the young ones
  • The Village for food and nightlife is unlike anything in any ski town in North America
  • The U.S. Dollar goes a long way in Canada. More money mean more days skiing.
  • Accomodations in the Village afford you the opportunity to stroll after a big meal and great Skiing
  • Simply the best place for a ski vacation on the planet

Guide Review - Whistler / Blackcomb: What a big mountain looks like

My days at Whistler always begin with a stroll through the village and they end the exact same way. Aside from that, everything else is different. With 200+ runs you might not ski the same line twice but there are so many epic places to make turns that you inevitably find your happy spot and never go anywhere else. You must however, get over to Blackcomb glacier. Put your skis over your shoulder and hike to the lip of the glacier and take the long 7 mile trip to the bottom. Itís a must to end your day.

Two mountains make things complicated because every morning I have to argue with my husband over which Gondola to take. Do we head to Blackcomb or do we head to Whistler? Let me see do I want the glacier, the chutes, some glades or some wide open groomers?

The on mountain restaurants are incredible and they rival the dozens found in the Village down below where the night can envelope you and carry you to the lift lines in the morning.

Try the early morning fresh tracks option and you get breakfast on the mountain and a shot at the mountain before the rest of the people in line waiting for the first ride to the top.

I could tell you to get to peak chair, harmony express, seventh heaven or the glaciers on Blackcomb, but I wonít. Take a chair to the top and just explore this magnificent mountain for a few days and fall in love with the gentle rises and the abrupt endings.

This place is magical and you will soon find yourself booked for a trip on an annual basis.

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