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Archery Arrows Feathers or Vanes

Feathers or vanes? This question is very common when choosing archery arrows. Which do I use? They say that feathers are more forgiving. Maybe this is so, for target shooting or shooting a recurve or straight bow. Plastic vanes on the other hand are my choice of fletching only because I do a lot of foul weather hunting.

There are no real good explanations of which to choose from. Many archers have drawn their own conclusions depending on the type of bow they use. For instance, if you are shooting a recurve or straight bow with a flipper rest (or something similar), then feathers would be my choice.Today, I shoot a 70 lb. pull, XI Ultima compound bow with a 29 inch arrow.

My choice of arrow is Easton Superlite A/C/C 3-49/390. This is an aluminum/carbon graphite arrow with 5 inch straight vanes. This particular combination works very well for me whether I'm shooting targets or hunting.

When shooting at targets, I will practice up to 60 yards away, but when hunting I only feel confident shooting at no more than 35 to 40 yards away. I use plastic vanes only because many times during the hunting season it is below freezing and wet. Feathers tend to get wet and freeze, therefore not pliable enough to get a true flight.

If you prefer to use feathers, I recommend you protect the fletching with a coat of hair spray. This will allow the feathers to repel most of the moisture.When shooting a recurve or straight bow, it is recommended that you use feathers for the simple reason that it is more forgiving when coming out of the bow's window. This means the feather gives way to your arrow rest or the side of the bow's window upon release of your arrow.

Also I recommend a helical type of fletching. This means that when the feathers are attached to the arrow shaft they are in a slight twist or helical form. This allows your arrow to spin much sooner after your release, which makes the flight of your arrow straighter, right out of your bow.Choice of colors is also a difficult decision to make. When bow hunting, I prefer to use something that blends in with the surroundings along with a white or brightly colored cock feather. This allows you to see your arrow upon contact with your target or wild game.

I hope that these few suggestions will help you to decide on which to use with your archery arrows? Feathers or vanes. Good Luck Shooting!!!.

.My name is Ted Lake and I'm building a website in memory of my dad Deuaine Lake. This site is all about Archery and Archery Hunting.

My dad started me when I was 5 years old (1956) and I've continued to teach both my boys the same respect for the sport of archery.Please feel welcome to visit my free website at http://www.complete-archery-information.com. .

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ted_Lake.


By: Ted Lake


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