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Equipment is what defines one sport from another. Some are expensive while others are not. This game is increasing in its popularity and this is also due to the newer use of equipments to make it moor exciting.

There are four different types of water skis that you can buy. The two most commonly used skis is the combination and the slalom skis. Combination pairs are for the new comers and easy to begin with. Slalom skis are used when you want to ski with only one ski.

Used for making sharper turns at higher speeds, one needs to exercise caution. The recreational ski has a wider tail and a flatter bottom to make it easier to get up and ride straight. Advanced skis have a more tapered tail with beveled edges and a tunnel bottom. They help in speed but are less easy to use. Trick water skis are the latest in use by the flamboyant ones who use them to show newer tricks.

They are smaller but wider for better grip. Jump skis, as the name suggests, are for the ramp skiers who jump off the ramp at high speeds. When you water ski, you will need a water ski rope. The ropes are flexible and have very good agility. And are 70 in length. Ropes are made of polypropylene and will stretch two to three percent of their length with normal conditions.

The handle, made of rubber or plastic grip, is based on the preference of the user. The molded grip may or may not have anything inside of it to provide strength and durability. This handle will float because it is molded. High performance aluminum handles are used to maximize strength and have a rubber mould around them. The construction is lighter, but more durable and comfortable that a molded handle. Higher performance handles are hollow which will allow them to sink when dropped in the water.

Special protective glasses are to be worn by everyone to ensure protection to eyes. Especially by people who are bound to use spectacles in their normal use. Finally it is unto the skier to know what he should and what he shouldn't. He knows whets best for him. But as a role model for people watching him, he needs to set an example and prove that he is a sportsman in the truest sense.


By: Nicky Pilkington


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