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Can You Really Develop An Outstanding Basketball Shot

Struggling with your basketball shooting? We're going to begin fixing that right now!.First, let's look at some general tips as you're striving to reach your full basketball shooting potential:.1) Focus: This is absolutely necessary to have any real success in basketball. Focus on delivering your best.2) Confidence: You can know all the basketball tips, plays or drills in the world, but if you don't have a powerful self-image, you're in for a tough haul.

The good news? You'll develop more confidence as you practice.3) Desire: Put simply, you gotta want it more than the next guy!.4) Positive Attitude: No one likes a crybaby, right? If you put out a negative vibe, it's gonna affect everything from your team to all your fundamentals and skills.

Develop a child-like enthusiasm in what you do.5) Never Give Up.Basketball shooting is what everyone gets the most excited about. It's thrilling when the ball makes it through the hoop and more points are piled on.Realize that becoming great at basketball shooting (free throws, layups, 3-pointers, etc.) means putting in tons of practice time.

Shooting is a skill. Whether or not you become better or worse depends on whether or not you're practicing correctly.Let's dig into the fundamentals of the "One-Handed Set Shot".Shot Set-Up.

Get your basic set-up right. Feet shoulder width apart, weight spread evenly on the balls of your feet with the knees bent slightly. If you're right-handed, place your right foot slightly ahead of the left and stick your butt out slightly. Remember, your power comes from the legs, not arms.

The shot begins from the floor up.Ball Placement.Hold the ball close to your chest, just below your chin. Your shooting hand should be positioned a little under the ball and a little more toward the back.

Non-shooting hand should be cupped, slightly under the ball and a little more toward the front.Load the Gun.Lock your wrist and cock it back.

If the ball is cocked correctly, you'll see wrinkles on the back of your wrist.Elbow and Head Placement.Your hand, forearm, elbow, knee and foot should be in a straight line. Don't let your elbows stick out at your side. This will change the ball's rotation and might make it curve.

Keep the elbow pointed at the basket.Keep your head up and directly above the midpoint between your feet. Focus on the front of the rim before, during, and after your shot.The Shot.

Your weight should roll up onto the toes of your forward foot. Be sure you're releasing upward and toward the basket and not reaching forward as you release. It's OK to leave your feet a bit as your back foot gives you a quick, upward push.

Throw your head up and through and then land just ahead of the position from where you began.As the ball leaves your hand, the fingers and thumbs on each hand should be well spread with the palms almost facing one another. Snap your wrist to release the ball off your fingers and achieve the correct back spin necessary for a soft shot.Follow Through.In your follow through, the forefinger should be the last finger to touch the ball.

Your palm turns out a bit as the ball is released. Visualize putting your hand into the basket as this will help you get complete elbow extension and wrist flexion during the follow through.Craving more basketball shooting tips? Visit us!.

.Matt & Dave run http://basketball-plays-and-tips.com and enjoy teaching basketball players and coaches more about the basketball plays, drills, fundamentals and tips that result in individual and team success. For our free report, "5 Keys to Discovering the Successful Coach Inside You", plus two additional player/coach reports, send a blank email to mailto:basketballtip@aweber.

com.We give full permission for you to use this article in your newsletter or on your site as long as you include our Resource Box with our website link and email link included.

By: Matt Zavadil


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