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Run Fast Run Free - What made Michael Johnson a world-beater? His upright running technique did not appear fast until we appreciated the distance between him and second place.

Improve Your Golf Swing and Driving Distance with Golf Stretches - The golf swing is arguably one of the most difficult athletic actions to perform.

Steve Merrils NBA Fullcourt Report Thursday Febth - A possible NBA Finals battle takes place tonight as the Miami Heat travels to face the Dallas Mavericks.

The returns of Dennis Erickson as head coach - Erickson returned to Idaho to become head coach at the school that gave him his start.

Judah Against Mayweather on April - Zab Judah is aiming Floyd Mayweather Jr on April 8 in Las Vegas for the boxing Welterweight championship; Don King announced this next fight in Manhattan.

Strange Exchange - Just when you think the sports world has produced every possible bizarre trade imaginable, they still manage to top themselves .

Gretzkys Impact Reaches Beyond The Ice - Wayne Gretzky has been expected to be a savior his entire life.

Turnovers and Penalties in the NFL - In my article earlier this week, I examined how penalties and turnovers affected a particular college football team's performance on the field, straight-up, and against the spread.

SuperBowl Tickets Detroit XL Super Bowl History - The Super Bowl is one of the biggest of the year resulting in more parties than even New Years Eve and the 2006 SuperBowl should be at least as big.

The Vikings Win The Vikings Win - You would have thought that the Minnesota Vikings had won the Super Bowl by how happy the team and their fans were after winning yesterday?s game against the New York Giants at Giants stadium 24-21.

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