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Judah Against Mayweather on April

Zab Judah is aiming Floyd Mayweather Jr on April 8 in Las Vegas for the boxing Welterweight championship; Don King announced this next fight in Manhattan. Boxing fighter Mayweather's record, 35-0 with 24 knockouts against Judah (34-3, 25 KOs), "Zab is fast and strong, but he has no chin," Mayweather said. "No way he will be able to take my punch." "This will be an extravaganza," he said.

"I have waited my whole life for a fight like this." said Zab Judah. Boxing promoter Bob Arum said he has reached an agreement with Mayweather , but nothing is final until King can reach an agreement with Judah. The fight would occur next April 8, 2006. Longtime rivals Arum and King have reworked their deal. Arum also said that he and Mayweather worked out a new deal and that an agreement with HBO PPV was in place as well.

Mayweather, a boxing junior welterweight is moving up to welter weight; it had been scheduled to earn a minimum $6 million to face Judah while the Judah/King side was to earn $3 million plus a percentage of the profits. .

By: alfred johnson


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