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SuperBowl Tickets Detroit XL Super Bowl History

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest of the year resulting in more parties than even New Years Eve and the 2006 SuperBowl should be at least as big! What other event in the world will rake in $80,000 per second in ad time? This anticipated event is so big, it will be broadcasted in more than 87% of the words countries and seen by at least 140 million viewers a year.Football has dominated America as the most popular sport since the early 60's and has seen many historic moments making its cameo appearance on many black and white televisions in 1958. An exhilarating 1958 title match between the New York Giants and the Baltimore Colts went into overtime with the Colts quarterback Johnny Unitas producing two late scores made sure that this event will go no where but up.

No more than 4 years later, Vince Lombardi would be gracing the cover of Time magazine.The Super Bowl is without a doubt steeped in history with many legendary names like "Mean" Joe Greene, Bart Starr and Vince Lombardi. Some are remembered for their athletic abilities, some for their coaching ability. And some for memorable actions, like Joe Namath for example. Joe's audacious guarantee that his New York Jets would upset the commanding Baltimore Colts turned quite a few heads.

In case you are rusty on your super bowl history, Joe Namath's wild prediction turned out to be correct! The Jets successfully accomplished the biggest upset in Superbowl history.What most people do not realize is even today the Superbowl is making history every year. 10 years from now, people may be talking about the legendary 2006 super bowl upset where Payton Manning set 10 new super bowl records.

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XL Super bowl tickets are ready to be ordered even as early as today! If you are interested in giving the gift of witnessing a part of history, send someone you know to the 2006 SuperBowl, or get SuperBowl Tickets for yourself.

Thank you for your interest, may football live on for many years to come!



By: Jay Carmichael


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