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What is "Bowling Etiquette"?."Bowling Etiquette" is how you handle yourself on the lanes. In a nutshell, it is the proper (unwritten law) way to bowl. I have put together a list of things you should do and things you shouldn't during your league play (or even during your open play), and more importantly why?.DO?
Give the bowlers on the lanes next to you (i.

e. if you are on lane 4, the bowlers on lane 5 and lane 6) the right of way. What does this mean? Before getting on the approach to begin your bowling shot, you must pay attention to the lanes next to you. If someone is already on the approach on the lane on either side of you, you should wait. It is especially irritating to the seasoned bowler, if he/she is on the approach beginning their shot and you run up and throw your ball.

Talk to bowlers while they are in the process of making a shot. Some bowlers will even say that you shouldn't talk to them between the 1st and 2nd balls in a frame. It is important that a bowler has every opportunity to concentrate on what he/she is doing when they are bowling. Once the frame is complete, talk away?.DO?
Be polite.

Don't antagonize the other bowlers on your pair of lanes. Everybody deserves to have a good time bowling and there is no place for pestering and insulting other bowlers in bowling. If someone does well, slap their hand (this is a regular practice amongst regular bowlers), if they don't (i.e. they throw a split), offer condolences by tapping their fist with yours.DON'T?
Use another bowler's equipment without asking.

This kind of goes without saying, but other's equipment can be very important to them. This rule applies to everything from balls and bags to towels and hand cleaner. Nowadays a lot of the equipment that bowlers use to bowl is pretty expensive as well. A lot of bowling balls go for more than $250.DO?
Keep your hands out of the ball return and stay behind the foul line (the line where the gutters start). It is dangerous to put your hand in the ball return, there are moving parts in there.

The lane has been oiled (at some point) beyond the foul line. If you go across the line, the oil will get on your shoes and you will track it back on the approach, not to mention that you may slip and fall.DON'T?
Take the bowling alley's equipment (shoes and balls).

They need this equipment for the next bowler coming in behind you. If you take their equipment, they have to replace it. If enough people do this, the price goes up and this causes everybody pain.DO?
Enjoy your bowling.

Don't let anybody take away from you having fun! The game is supposed to be fun and if you get to worried about what is going on, it can make you bowl worse (see my article on Attitude).DON'T?
Forget to pay for your bowling. This is a cardinal sin. The bowling alley relies on your paying for your bowling.

A lot of bowling alleys have gone to having you give them one shoe when you get your shoes so that you won't leave without paying.If you follow these general rules of bowling etiquette, the people that you are bowling with and the establishment that you are bowling at will enjoy having you around. Please be courteous when you bowl and follow all of the rules of etiquette to your best ability.Keep bowling and having fun!.


Mike Kolar


By: Mike Kolar


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