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Bucks @ Blazers: Portland played well enough against the Bucks last Saturday to show that they can win this home game. Hopefully the Blazers won't need to rely on Darius Miles to show up, since his big games rarely result in a win. Portland still has to show that getting rid of Ruben Patterson won't hurt them in the long run. This is going to be a close game with the home team winning in this non-conference game. Predicted Score: Portland wins 87-83.Lakers @ Celtics: So maybe the Celtics and Lakers aren't a rivalry anymore.

It doesn't matter because with Pierce and Kobe all either team needs is another superstar. Odom and Szczerbiak have potential, although scores consistently enough to become one. Who'll score more: Bryant or Pierce? The answer's team should win the game.

Boston is going to be in their first game back home from a long road trips. Predicted Score: Boston wins 98-93.Clippers @ Rockets: For all the horrible things to happen with the Rockets, Houston isn't that far out of the playoffs. But just looking at them play you can tell that they have no chance without McGrady. Yao has been on a torrent lately and needs to continue it to out-rebound Chris Kaman.

Still a blowout. Predicted Score: The LA Clippers win 96-82.

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By: David Pincus


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