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Even the Best Online Sportsbooks Did Not Predict the Golden State Warriors Early Season Success

Continuing from last year's late success, Golden State is one the League's biggest surprises. The Warriors finished 15-5 after trading for Baron Davis last year, and he gives them the best backcourt in the Western Conference. They haven't made the playoffs since the Rockets last won it all back in 1995.

It looks pretty good this year, but can the wins keep rolling?.The best online sportsbooks predicted the Warriors would get about 42 wins but did not predict such success so early this season.Golden State is filled with underrated players. Jason Richardson at 22.9 PPG is due for an all-star appearance this year. Troy Murphy was one of only 6 players last year to get 10 points and 10 rebounds a game.

Mike Dunleavy is starting to form into as a good contributing 3-pt shooter. Mickael Pietrus is a quality bench scorer when he's healthy, and everyone else speaks for themselves.Golden State is 7th in the NBA in rebounding, largely since Richardson and Murphy rebound the ball well. The 6-year contract Golden State gave to Derek Fisher looked imprudent after getting Baron Davis, but Fisher has played very well with the Warriors, shooting 48% for 3's, 7th in the NBA.

Davis and Richardson couldn't operate their respected teams by themselves, but together they get the ideal mixture of scoring and passing.Easily Golden State's worst of Golden States five starters is Adonal Foyle. Foyle isn't much of a commodity, other than that he takes up a lot of space. He can rebound and score gimme's, but lacks offensive instincts and misses a bunch of easy shots as well.

Between him, Zarko Cabarkapa and Ike Diogu, the Warriors are pretty weak at Center/Power Forward. Other than Derek Fisher, the Warriors aren't deep. With Pietrus injured, little production comes from the bench.The Warriors have played well enough at the end of last year and into this year to be considered playoff worthy. They are a mere two and a half games back from the Clippers, who are winning in just as surprising fashion as the Warriors.

Davis and Richardson give them a duo that matches up just as well with any other backcourt in the NBA. However, their lack of depth could hurt them. They certainly are playing like a playoff team right now; in time we'll know if the Golden State Warriors can keep it going.

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By: David Pincus


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