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The Basketball picks and predictions on Tuesday March 28, 2006 are listed below.Best: Suns @ Bucks: With the Bucks sloppily making their way into the postseason, a win against the Suns with Amare Stoudemire would be a huge morale booster. The Bucks will need everyone to chip in, including Bobby Simmons and Andrew Bogut. Both rarely have great games at the same time but are successful whenever they do. Predicted Score: Milwaukee wins 107-103 in a close one.

Runner-up: Mavericks @ Pistons: Dallas didn't just beat Detroit in their first meeting, they annihilated them by 37! Detroit will play hard as always, but the game means more to the Mavs who are looking for the #1 spot in the West. We all thought the Spurs would answer their Detroit blowout with a home win versus the Pistons, but that wasn't the case. Similarly, I expect the Mavs to do well in Detroit. Predicted Score: Dallas wins 98-95 in a close one.Blowout: Magic @ Bulls: Orlando has always struggled in Chicago, even in the post-Jordan era. The Magic have played very well lately, with the core of Howard and Turkoglu working well together.

Yet, Brian Hill plays a short rotation, and with veterans Outlaw, Hill and Augmon playing scarcely the starters should be getting tired. Predicted Score: Chicago wins 94-86 in a blowout.

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By: David Pincus


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