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Gearing Up For Ice Hockey

If you are ready to hit the ice and start playing ice hockey you need to know about the basic equipment that is essential to your game. The very basics include your stick, your skates, pucks and protective gear. There are different types of equipment for hockey which you can choose based on your preferences.

Starting out, it is a good idea to buy used or at least inexpensive equipment until you discover your personal preferences. When choosing a hockey stick, your height needs to be considered. If the stick is too long or too short, you will put unnecessary stress on your body when trying to use it and your performance in the game will be affected as well. If you visit a hockey equipment shop, the experts there can help you to determine what type of stick is best for you. Buying skates for hockey is the easy part.

When you purchase skates make sure that they fit well and have sufficient support for your ankles so you won't easily sustain injuries or rub blisters on your feet. Pucks aren't really anything special although you may find that you favor one style or brand over another. They are relatively inexpensive, so trying different types of pucks shouldn't be a problem. For protective gear you definitely need a well-fitted helmet with a mouth guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads and knee pads. A jockstrap and protective cup is also fundamental for your protection in the game of hockey.

Protective girdles that cover the main part of your body are also a good idea as are hockey gloves. Neck protectors are also available for hockey players. When you are dressed out in your hockey gear you should be protected, but sometimes protective clothing feels uncomfortable and some types may interfere with your mobility. If you feel like you can't move you might want to try different types of protective gear, but for your safety, don't give it up entirely.

Unnecessary injuries can be prevented by using protective gear. You'll eventually find the right mix of equipment, clothing and gear that will make you feel both comfortable and safe on the ice. As you get more familiar with the game and what it entails, you have a better idea of what you like and don't like and you'll be able to select higher quality gear that suits your needs and preferences for the game of hockey.


By: Jason Tarasi


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