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Stretching and Sculling A Healthy Prescription to Enhance Performance and Reduce the Risk of Injury

If you devote as little time as 10 minutes to stretching after you row, the benefits will be immeasurable. Stretching the specific muscles that you use when you row makes the most sense and is therefore the best use of your time! Also, stretching just after you have rowed, when your muscles are warm, is the safest, easiest and most beneficial time to incorporate a routine.You can expect to decrease any stiffness, pain or soreness that you may experience after rowing by stretching your muscles. Stretching improves circulation to the working muscles, which helps them to recover more efficiently after exertion. Stretching on a regular basis will improve your range of motion which will enhance your experience in your Echo rowing shell.

We've even come to realize that you can incorporate several terrific stretches without even having to get out of your boat!.A couple important details to keep in mind when you stretch:.

  • When you stretch a muscle on one side of your body always do the same for the other side. Balance is important.
  • Never over-stretch or under-stretch a muscle. When you over-stretch you risk injury.

    When you under-stretch you are essentially doing nothing, and therefore, not benefiting from the experience. Stretch to a place of mild tolerable discomfort, this is known as your "edge". When you find your edge, hold the stretch for close to 30 seconds.

  • Never bounce or jerk when stretching. This could result in injury as the muscle may be pushed beyond its "edge". All stretches should be smooth and slow and deliberate.

  • Remember to breathe. When you breathe, you invite your muscles to relax, to soften and to let go. If you are tight when you stretch, you are creating unnecessary resistance and preventing the muscle from relaxing and letting go. To take it even further, be present with what you are doing and set an intention in your mind to breathe into the sensation that you are feeling in your body. This is known as "breathing into your stretch". Deep, easy breathing is relaxing, quiets the mind and is an ideal way to finish your row.

    Stretching allows you to take care of your body and finish your row feeling a greater sense of peace. 2006 Nancy Friedman.


    Nancy is a member of Echo Rowing in the Sales Division. Nancy is a certified Kripalu Yoga instructor, who for ten years, has been teaching Vinyasa (flow) style yoga classes in Southern Maine. She has come to appreciate the similarities of Yoga and Sculling. both a meditation in motion exemplifying grace, strength, personal empowerment and peace. Look for teaching tips, techniques and stretching exercises at http://www.

    EchoRowing.com or the Row ECHO blog at http://echorowing.blogspot.com.Publisher's Guidelines: You may freely publish this article online, in email newsletters, or in print so long as the resource box and byline are in tact and all links are active. Author would appreciate a notification, but that is optional.

    By: Nancy Friedman


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